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Corval 2.0: Advancing Biopharma Commercialization Planning

Bring your asset to life with the only software platform that offers a fast, efficient, and early start on commercialization planning. 

From day one, Corval has been committed to leveraging its cloud-based software platform to ease the commercialization planning pressures facing early- to mid-stage biopharma companies. Now, based on customer feedback and a deep network of commercialization experts, we are introducing the Corval 2.0 platform.

What can you expect?

The Corval 2.0 platform makes creating a foundational commercialization plan easier than ever in just a matter of days. You’ll be confident in knowing what, when, and how much it will take to bring your asset to market.

Budget Summary
Objectives Roadmap
Yearly Hiring

Key enhancements have been strategically designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

  • Your commercialization story. The Corval 2.0 platform enables easy visualization of the industry-familiar outputs (think slides and timelines!) that are key to explaining your plan to directors, leadership, and investors. Corval knows what it takes to create a compelling business case and ensures objectives, activities, timing, and budget requirements are reflected with clear visuals. Easy-to-use edit and filter functions also allow you to adjust as things change and tailor information to the needs of your audience.
  • Enhanced support and educational resources. The Corval 2.0 platform ensures that you and your team have a complete understanding of hundreds of commercialization terms and roles spanning multiple functions and workstreams. Throughout the platform, you will find easily accessible definitions and explanations that provide important context not only on the “what” but also on the “why” commercialization activities and roles are important. To round out the customer experience, a user-friendly pop-up chat can help to address any question at any time.
  • Supporting it all behind the scenes – an enhanced proprietary algorithm. The Corval 2.0 platform brings strengthened underlying logic and the highest quality recommendations based on industry benchmarks and unique asset milestones. You will have confidence that your roadmap and resource plans are supported by a strong rationale and optimized to achieve maximum asset value.

“Today's pharma market dynamics and complex regulatory trek for new product and therapy launches make a data-based, automated launch planning platform an invaluable tool,” said Michael Young, Principal and Founder, BiomedwoRx and Corval user.

“For BiomedwoRx clients that have integrated the Corval Platform, it has demonstrated utility for commercial teams, investor due diligence and board-level decision making. When there are strategic shifts in plans, such as consequential FDA interactions, strategic alliances or infusions/reductions in launch budget, Corval’s platform saves time, eliminates concerns about interconnected headcount changes and provides realistic dashboard analytics that cannot easily be addressed with a traditional, spreadsheet-driven commercialization plan.”

With Corval 2.0, technology does the heavy lifting! See how our updated platform leverages leading software to accelerate your commercialization planning efforts. Visit to schedule a demo or drop us a note at

For the press release, click ➡️ Corval® Launches Corval 2.0 Commercialization Planning Platform for Early-to- Mid-stage Biopharma Companies

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